Where Passion Meets Education - Learn Powerful Communication Skills

Where Passion Meets Education - Learn Powerful Communication Skills

Where Passion Meets Education - Learn Powerful Communication SkillsWhere Passion Meets Education - Learn Powerful Communication SkillsWhere Passion Meets Education - Learn Powerful Communication Skills

About The Course

Learn How to Handle Difficult Conversations

If you have struggled all you life to learn how to do be assertive, your not alone. It’s not easy to learn How To Handle Difficult Conversations and you have probably never been tought how handle difficult people or tough conversations.  

Just imagine for a moment, how you would feel if you were able to have a difficult conversation anytime you wanted to… 

Well I have some good news… 

  • You can stop being “Too Nice” 
  • Learn how to say NO
  • Increase your self confidence
  • Give up feeling guilty
  • Handle difficult people 
  • Speak up and stand up for yourself

So Here’s the problem…

You have probably read the books, talked to your friends about it and even watched videos about being assertive and nothing much has changed. Well, you are certainly not alone and it’s really not your fault because difficult conversations is now a subject at school or Uni and we all need it.

Let me explain…

You can probably ride a bicycle, and how you learned to ride was not by reading about it and watching videos. No, you actually got on the bike, fell off a few times and then eventually, after lots of practice you learned to ride. What you did was engage your whole body in the activity of learning.

Have You Ever Rehearsed In Your Mind What You Will Say Next Time...

Learning how to handle difficult and tough conversations requires practice. Watching someone else do it, thinking about it and rehearsing it for next time does not work, but until now that’s the best you have.  


The change you need to make is to to actually do it for yourself. Real live practise with expert guidance  proven lessons that you can take away as your own powerful conversation tools that you can call on in a moments notice.   

The first step...

We understand that meeting new people and going out on your own can be really scary, so we make it really easy for you.  At our course, you will have the opportunity to get your questions about Handling Difficult Conversations answered. We will be discussing how to make those changes and you will have the opportunity practise getting the results you want. 

We will also make sure that you are welcomed and introduced to others in the group so that you can feel comfortable and included in all the conversations. 

A Very Short Story… 

A young man was walking around “The Rocks in Sydney” and asked a homeless man.
“Excuse me sir, how do I get to the Sydney Opera House?
The homeless man replied
“Practice young man, practice.”

Practice is the best way to learn how to “Handle Difficult Conversations.” 

We offer a six-week course so that you can practise and learn all the skills of assertive communication and a whole lot more. At your three hour long weekly classes, you will learn powerful communication lessons, practice them with each other and then between the classes practice teaching the same lessons to people in your life.

A New Skill You Will Have For Life

Handling difficult people and tough conversations is a life skill that can be easily learned. You might be overly polite, quiet, putting up with stuff or just plain scared to death of raising your voice and speaking out. 

Consider The Cost of Missed Opportunities and Happiness

No matter what your story, how old you are, where you were raised or what your difficult conversation challenge is right now, you will more than likely remain stuck and frozen in time unless you do something different and make the time to change it.  Its called "Being Too Nice"

Here is the price you pay for being TOO NICE:

  • Give in to others when you don’t want to.
  • Do things you are not interested in.
  • Buy stuff you really don’t want.
  • Never ask for discounts and pay far too much. 
  • Eat terrible food at restaurants 
  • and never send it back. 
  • And you get bitter and resentful.
  • Do other peoples work and not ask for help.


100% Money Back Guarantee

Even If You Think It’s Almost Impossible!!!

Come along and check us out, you will have very little to lose and you will take home the communication skills, tools and techniques to handle tough conversations with difficult people.  For your comfort and security, we offer a 100% money-back guarantee.

Why 100% Money Back?  We want you to leave completely satisfied, having learned as much as you can about Handling Difficult Conversations. All you have to do is attend all the sessions, be on time at the start and stay the full three hours. 


Once a Week for Three Hours for 6 Weeks

Learning How To Handle Difficult Conversations Is Life Changing.  

Only six three hour sessions after work on week days. Reinvent yourself in six short weeks in a program that “Breaks All The Rules” and barriers to traditional learning.  It has been said by past participants that in this short six-week program they learned more than in a three-year degree or an MBA course.   

Q: Why Offer A Six Week Program and Not A Weekend?

A: Because The Spaced Repetition of Learning Works Best  

Here's Why We Have A Six Weeks 

One day wonder workshops are great for motivation and very poor for long-term integration of your learning. Based on research and our many years of experience, the best learning outcomes are achieved from spaced repetition over a longer period of time.  That's why we do the course over 6 weeks    

Nothing like what you have ever done before, that’s our promise. 

It’s called “Teach Once Learn Twice” and your presenter Jeff Muir will share with you his methodology developed over 33 years of training in leadership skills to school students, teachers, university graduates and executives all over Australia.   

Workbooks and Short Video Lessons for Increased Learning

The program he has developed is both an online and face to face course with workbooks and videos to support the classroom lessons. It incorporates leading edge gamification (Rewards, recognition and scoreboards) and produces amazing guaranteed results. You can even share the lessons with your friends and family to help you along the way.   

A Final Word on Learning and Emotional Safety   

Your emotional safety is very important to us and we will not ask you to do anything you don’t want to do. Consider also, that there is very little learning without emotional impact or repetition. So the necessity to be safe, stay quiet, silent and invisible is the very thing that holds people back from learning. 

By the end of this course you will have massively improved because you showed up and we will make sure you have the time, the space and opportunity to challenge at your own pace.   


How To Eat An Elephant - One Small Piece At A Time

 One of our communication skills lessons in celebrating every small step towards your new assertive goals. 

Over 1 Million Views on Youtube - CONFLICT RESOLUTION

A Short 3.33 min Video with Over a Million Views for Conflict Resolution & Still Going Strong 

1,003,202 Views on 22st Jan 2020

About Us

Entertaining and Challenging

You know that learning much is easier when its entertaining, challenging and emotionally safe.  This course in "How To Handle Difficult Conversations" will give you practice and the communication skills to be able to overcome your fear of speaking up, standing out from the crowd and saying what you want. 

First-Rate Curriculum

Are you a beginner, expert, or somewhere in between? Not to worry! Handling difficult conversations is a skill that we can all improve on. This short course will be a big step forward and a step up in your communication skills, confidence in dealing with difficult people and tough situations.  

Commitment to Excellence

Our mission is to embrace the pursuit of excellence both inside and outside the classroom. We encourage creativity critical thinking and learning at your own pace in all our communication skills courses. 

Training Event

Wednesday 19th Feb - 25th Mar

How To Handle Difficult Conversations

6.30 pm - 9.30 pm

Wed 19th Feb 2020

Event Details

Wednesday 19th Feb - 25th Mar

How To Handle Difficult Conversations

Please contact us NOW to reserve your spot.  This is a 6-week program. 3 hrs every Wednesday from 19th Feb to 25th Mar 2020

6.30 pm - 9.30 pm

Wed 19th Feb 2020

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